What can you expect from Bikefrog?


You can choose from various ranges of full suspension bike frames either as carbon fiber composites or aluminum alloy base frames. Bikefrog is the developer and owner of factory grade manufacturing equipment, tools and dyes to produce the frames and parts we design. Thus one option for you is to get frames directly from one of our model ranges. Your immediate advantage of this option is that you don't need to spend money for the development and tooling, which in particular for carbon technology is very considerable. You therefore don't need to sell thousands of frames to pay back the investment for your own design. And at the same time you still can get bike frames with state-of-the-art design and up to date standards such as "Boost", internal cable routing, "Di2 Ready" etc.


As an other option, in particular if you want to develop an entire own "frame family" with a dedicated design and you are willing to finance the capital for tooling and design, we can help you to design and produce bike frames and bike parts in Asia with our design core competence and through our excellent and well experienced manufacturing and supply network in that region.


Bikefrog understands that no matter how good the design of any chosen bike frame or part may be, the key point for a successful bike on the road remains how well the manufacturer (and its suppliers) can follow the standards to reach and hold the quality requirements and specifications for mass production. Bikefrog has developed the proper quality assurance and control procedures and methodologies to control and supervise the production process, which is at least as important as the proper design of details. By actively involving its manufacturing partners in Asia into this quality assurance philosophy Bikefrog has achieved a very good product quality with long term technology partners.


Since establishment of Bikefrog, we have been working in partnership with a senior industrial designer who provides core competence in freeform 3D modelling, another crucial design technology. We have also access to various technical designers at our home base in Switzerland.


My personal design task is to manage overall projects, to devise detail solutions, geometry and kinematics, to develop the manufacturing specifications and quality assurance requirements, to test new bikes and last but not least the marketing and distribution of the products.


We are based in Switzerlandand thus are surrounded by unlimmited nice bike trails in our backyards, and just around the corner there are always the Alps, Europe's major mountain range. We have grown up and always lived besides and around mountains  and we have well understood and experienced how mountain bikes are designed and for what requirements they are built.


If we have aroused your interest, please drop us a line, we are happy to send you an overview of our complete range of existing frames and technology.



2016 - Taichung, Taiwan, Taichungbikeweek (Splendor 13F Fong Lo Room 1)
18-21. October 2016 come and visit us